The Vintage, Lo-fi, Analog Telephone Microphone

Get the narrowband telephone effect in the studio and on stage without digital processing or EQ.

RP-1 Vintage Microphone Line

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Perfect Match

Perfect Match Try pairing the Trash Talk Audio PP-1 NOS payphone mic with some of your favorite mics in the collection to add a dimension to the mix that you didn’t know you were missing.

"Sure you could use a plug-in or an eq, to get a telephone effect... or you could just use a real phone, howzaboutdat? It’s a real mic! Just plug the XLR cable in and go! Super cool!"

Pete Thorn, Guitarist

Glad to have this mic in my arsenal!

Aaron Steele, Session Drummer
Use our mics to achieve the perfect amount of analog warmth your recordings have been missing to create new classics.

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